Our Projects


Many projects have happened over the years. We sincerely encourage to get know with our previous activities.





Families in need

Environmental curator Kasia Lisiecka, Marta Zglobicka, Adam Brzostowski and their friends and our Foundation support the project of helping families in Łódź in need. The help includes not only Santa’s gifts, it is primarily the purchase of laptops, headphones and other equipment enabling remote learning in the currently required schooling. It is helping children indicated by the guardian and the professional probation officer to make it better, easier and more joyful. We help those who need it the most.

Beautiful Promise

We have given this title to our new project, which was created out of the need for beauty, the need for encouragement, optimism, tenderness and closeness. The project takes place as part of a creative action for cultural education.

We invite artists known and less known, including girls, to make an artistic doll at their own discretion. The doll should be given a hairstyle, face and dress, given her name and equipped with a personal message, which he wants to share with us all.


The next stage of the project has come, in which we can present a folder with all the dolls made together with children during our creative endeavors. They are all unique.

They’re all beautiful. We are pleased to be able to show them to a wide group of our friends. At the beginning of the catalog, there is a bilingual text describing the overall concept of the project. As usual, our beloved Agnieszka Andruszkiewicz took care of the preparation for printing.

Thank you very much.

I’ll tell you my story II

The project’s halfway point is just passing. Weekly meetings are already bringing visible results. A button, a thread and a loop are a small matter that is not a problem. Being together, learning together gives us real fun.

We create stories and stories that we will gladly present next time. Ideas know no bounds! By the way, dolls are made, one is more beautiful . The girl Lynn from Lebanon presents us hers.

I’ll tell you my story

The aim of the project is to integrate refugee children at a school in Dorsten where 50% of the students come from migrant families. The project’s guardian is Ms Irena Chwila. Once a week, during meetings, we learn to work together, help each other, be creative. Girls learn how to sew and cut, the diversity of the world, they learn to create their own doll and tell their own histroria. The first careful attempts to handle the needle and thread were made. The project is planned for several months. We will regularly present the effects here on our website.



Become a manager II

During the second guided tour of the hotel as part of the project, the pupils from the Children’s Home in Dąbrówka could see the guest rooms, restaurants and fitness rooms. Children could also look behind the scenes of a functioning hotel. The tour guide Mr. Piotr Cetner answered all questions. The hour spent together turned out to be extremely short. We would like to thank the hotel management on behalf of ourselves and the pupils.



Become a manager

How does the hotel live and function? Persons with whom competitions work in it? What kind of occupation to decide in the future? What a conference room, ballroom, guest rooms or kitchen looks like. Who watches over all this? Who is a manager? Perhaps a visit to the hotel will make it easier to make a decision.

For these and other questions during the guided tours, children from the Orphanage will receive a response from a competent person.

Children’s Day

We wanted children from the Children’s Homes to enjoy a special pleasure so we took them to the Teatr Wielki in Łódź for a specially prepared concert. Julka and her sister also went on a musical journey with us. Children, their toys, and stuffed animals could listen to various instruments and a singer performing. Great fun. We hope that it was an unforgettable day for children.


Together, we create the world

The preparation of the project was done by the wonderful Beata Bocian. Without its participation, the implementation and installation of the exhibition would take twice or three times longer. Mrs. Magda Gonera was also very helpful. This is a project that is supposed to give joy to small and large patients during sometimes unexpectedly long hospital stays. Create a pleasure and help you forget about the problem for a moment – it’s our goal. We would like to thank all the participants from the heart.

Children of the world

A collection of large format photographs with portraits of children from various corners of the world and an album publishing of the same title found a new place of permanent residence, the Institute of Health of MOTHER POLISH in Łódź.
We are very happy that they can decorate the walls of such an esteemed Institute. To be able to share the beauty, enliven the space, hoping to improve the well-being of the people in it.


Children for children project III

Care for a friendly space for children in the VII Department of ONCOHATHOLOGY at the Oncology Hospital at ul. The dispute in Łódź is made. The photographic collage by Agnieszka Andruszkiewicz, placed below, reminds you of the next stages of the project.

Children for children project II

To honor the ethusiasm and involvent of the children in creating drawings for the purposes of project, the idea was created to take them for example to the museum. We took all of the children to Lodz by rented car. We visited the Museum of Textiles. With the kind support of the Director, the guide was appointed to guide us to the exhibitions. Thank for that.

Children for children project

To make the space of the 7th Department of Oncohomatology of Younger Children in the Oncological Hospital in Lodz more pleasant, children from the Orphan’s Home in Łódź made several dozen of drawings at our request.
Some of them, with the consent of the Head of the Department, doctors and staff, enlarged and properly prepared, will decorate the walls of the corridor and individual rooms.
We presented the finished works in the hospital for inspection on a special day, on the Children’s Day. It was a beautifull gift, from children to another ones.


Staging Competition in German

The 4th National Deutsche Bühne German Language Competition organized by the Social Schools Complex in Łódź, which our foundation has assumed honorary patronage, has already taken place.

The only such initiative for primary and junior high schools. We are honored to be able to participate in this beautiful event, promoting it and supporting now and in the future.

Renovation at the Orphanage Home

Happilly we managed to finish before the winter. Especially 2 rooms at the first floor needed the renovation, what we were told by the director of the Home. A thorough renovation was essential. We eagerly donated the right amount for this purpose. Wallpapers, floor panels, beds, cabinets, tables, wardrobes, curtains, rugs and other essentials were bought. We thank to Bartek Jeziorski and Bartek Kowalski for their volunteer work in preparation of rooms for renovation. The part of renovation work was carried out by the Orphanage Home on its own. The old was removed to make a space for the new. Currently, the rooms are bright and modern as you can see in our short photo report.

Air conditioners

for the Oncological Hospital in Lodz, especially for the Day Care Department, for small patients staying with their parents or the legal guardians, for nurses. We put some photos to sincerely thank for the efficient execution to the KBB INSTAL, Beata and Krzysztof Brzozowski as well as the installers Michał Owczark and Grzegorz Wardęcki. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Joanna Bednarska for voluntary cooperation in project implementation. We wish that these devices function immaculately for many years to come.


The safe playground

On the invitation from the Headteacher we visited Little Child’s House with the sponsor of the gate, Mr Artur Kowalski. The safe playground bacame more beautiful. The grass has grown and there is new playground equipment. Unfortunately chief constructor of the project Mr Łukasz Krokocki couldn’t be there with us. We want to thanks a lot for the hospitality and for the oportunity to become a part of their life. We are glad that we could brought a bit of happiness and safetiness to the children.




Time of children 

Recently, just before this year school vacation we were guests of Cultural House in Niesułkowo, where we were warmly welcomed. We also visited the Hospital of the name of Copernicus and the Orphanage Home nr 2 in Łódź, where we gave the lectures. We had the opportunity to be guests of the Palace of Youth and the Deputy Director Zanetta Walkus. We have been twice at the Integrative Schools Complex, one day for Secondary School Children, and the second day for the Primary School children. We want to thank a lot to all the participants of the lectures.



The world as a beautiful, sophisticated and fascinating place

Within the charitable activities of our Foundation we conduct a series of meetings for both children and adults. We visit all the interested institutions, such as kindergardens and hospitals. First of all we run the lecture “Explore the world to understand it” in The Jozef Pilsudski Regional and Municipal Public Library in Lodz. The meeting in oncological hospital for children gave us the greatest joy because the interest was huge and children asked a lot of questions. We hope that our lecture caused that children forgot for a while about their problems and the disease.
It was the first of the series of scheduled meetings. Jomi is always with children and for them.

Visits in villages

We are getting know inhabitants, their way of living and every day troubles through direct visits. We are trying to make their everyday routine more efficient. During visits, we are attempting to troubleshoot such burning issues as lack of simple watering or wire coil.

The garner

Building of a garner was our first project (before establishing the foundation). It helped to proper storage of corn and other crops. We achieved it ourselves. The garner is a place of worship, when there is no harvest. The inhabitants of the village and it neighborhood came for an official opening.

With the friendly visit

We visit Burkina Faso regularly. Once we visited our friends and brought rice, corn, salt and other necessary products. We bought them on the spot, but the doll we brought, was from Poland. There were a dance, a sing and a performance that we watched with real pleasure.

We also had the opportunity to know the local school Directors, watch classrooms and sit in a real African school bench while talking to a teacher. It all happened with the kind permission of the King of the Region. The visit was allowed and organized for our request by the German Charitable Organization PLAN which operating for many years in this region.