Thank to our known and unknown Friends and Donors. Every day help of friendly people with open hearts is needed.

There are different types of aid. All are priceless. Thank you all for your support.

Thanks to:

Tomasz Kozlowski

For his assistance in website administration, fast and professional website updating.

Dr Joanna Hrk

The godmother of the album “The children of the world” – for her heart, kindness and support anytime, anywhere.

Zofia Kupis

For her positive energy and open mind (she never says “no”).

Edmund Biskup For the free execution of the necessary Cartonnage  for our Foundation.

Mariusz Markwart For his continued support.

Yvonne Grabowski

For her kindness, commitment and support for people in need.

Marcin Zdziarski

For accurate and timely execution of printing orders for our Foundation.

Krzysztof Przybylski

To our IT specialist in thank for giving us free valuable comments and for helping us whenever we need.

Dr Agnieszka Andruszkiewicz

We thank for her kindness and assistance in establishing important contacts which help us to popularize our activities.  

Dr Jarosław Sokołowski

As well as Mrs Agnieszka, we thank for his assistance in establishing contacts which allow us to popularize activities of our Foundation and its founding goals. Thanks for his cordial involvement.

Senator Ryszard Bonisławski

For his wisdom and kind words, benevolent deeds, and for being a great friend of our Foundation.  

Małgorzata Janiak

We want to thanks for being ready to take on various challenges and to act in cooperation with our Foundation, especially for the co-organization of the World Doll Day.

Milena Jurkiewicz

We want to thanks for her cordial involvement and cultural helpfulness for others.

Artur Kowalski

We especially thank him for his selfless participation in the implementation of the playground project for the Orphan’s Home and free delivery of all elements of the fence, to make all the toddlers happy and safe.

Łukasz Krokocki

and his crew for free, perfect and professional execution of works in project of Playground for the Orphan’s Home in Łódź.

Magdalena and Łukasz Frątczak

We want to thank for their indulgence and kindness, spontaneous getting involve in meeting needs of orphan children.

Agnieszka Sośnicka and Karolina Dziedzic

from Trial Scout Team “Pearls” in Brzeziny for their energy and great commitment in conducting free first aid workshops for children and also for their willingness to act for integration. For learning through fun.

Prof. Włodzimierz Cygan

We want to thank to Prof. Włodzimierz Cygan for his kindness, understanding and support. We are glad to have him as a friend. We are also grateful for the financial support in the renovation of the rooms  in the Orphan’s Home near Lodz.

Agnieszka Kłosiewicz

We want to thank for her kindness, cordiality and empathy. For her will to help and for her good heart.

Dr Joanna Bednarska

For her positive energy and altruistic help in the project of installing air conditioners in the Oncology Hospital, especially for helping to meet all the formalities required.
Thanks for having an open door for our Foundation.

Dr Michael Stephan Kornau

For willingness to cooperate and facilitating to establish contacts with charitable entities in Germany. Dr Kornau is a real friend. Thank you.

Katarzyna Ziomek-Sobór

English teacher. From the begining of new year of school, ones a week she devotes her time to children at Orphan’s Home near to Lodz. She helps them to do the homework, teaches and prepares them to school tests. She is there for them. Thank you cordialy.

Małgorzata Różańska

A Math teacher. She regularly gives free additionall lessons to children from nearby Orphanage for months. We want to thank her for her regularity, perseverance and cordial dedication.

Magdalena Datta

Director of the Social Schools of the Social Educational Association in Łódź is a solid, honest, reliable partner and friend of our foundation. Thank you very much.

Aneta Dalbiak

Mrs. Director of the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, thank you for your trust and cordiality. We would like to thank you kindly for assigning children during the visit to the Children’s Home who show you around the exhibitions.

Thank you for your help.

Dr Wojciech Niewiarowski

We would like to thank the Lodz merchant for the favor and sincerity of the word and for the fact that the first day of our foundation’s existence is her friend.

Piotr Szmidt

We would like to thank owner of the CUK Printing House for professionalism, reliability in action and simply human goodness. Thank you for your kind cooperation with our Foundation.