JOMI Foundation is a non-governmental organisation. It was founded in January 2016 in Lodz, Poland. The marriage of Jolanta and Michał Królikowscy are the founders.



We are providing help no matter what place of residence, roots or national origin are. We regularly have visited Western Africa, where we realised how difficult the life of its inhabitants, mainly, children was. The lack of health service, social assistance, access to education led us to make a decision on lunching own foundation. We have hoped the foundation will boost effectiveness and durability of our activity. We would like to encourage to generosity support of our small projects. We run there, where our help is really needed. We are providing help to African and Polish inhabitants in need, as well.

Our targets


Cooperation and financial support

to agencies and national and foreign institutions, which provide health service to inhabitants of Africa and improve standard of their living.



management, distribution of financial resources, material and immaterial gifts to those in the need.



Carrying on and supporting of

actions in favour of economic development including  entrepreneurship.


Carrying on and supporting of

actions in favour of development of infrastructure, science, education, health service.


Conducting and supporting of

actions in favour of improvement of life situation ? material and social of inhabitants of Africa.




informational campaigns concerning problems of Africa.


Supporting help to

victims of natural disaster and armed conflicts in Africa or beyond its borders.


The activities

to protect the environment, both in the country and abroad.











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